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Computer Monitor Stand


I originally decided to put the monitor on the display shelf for my cervical spine and desktop monitor. I decided to use the monitor bracket. I would like to consider the price-performance ratio first. Later I learned about it. I heard that the brand Xinshiji has an 80% escalation experience and 30%. EGG price, so in the mood to try to enter this; there is a main reason is according to the official description of the spring arm instead of pressure, there should be no problem in the service life, after all, gas can Don't use it

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Due to the need to group two screens horizontally and vertically, the selected dual-screen brackets were found to be two packages and they had some components.

The black outer packaging grade looked good, the box was quite strong, bought an extension arm, and also had a separate package

One is the bracket body, and the other is the extension arm. Various screws and tools are on-demand configuration.

Between the desktop fixed base and the column is threaded, need to screw up, the depth of the thread is not deep feeling, first installed and then see it

The handling of small areas such as the posts and tabletop mounting bases is still slightly rough, after all, the price is not high

The mounting bracket also has a wire slot for fixing the wire. However, if the wire is thick, fixing it becomes difficult.

Extension arm fixing ring

The spring responsible for the tilt of the monitor

The design of the trunking is very intimate, that is, if the design of the black baffle is solid, it will be enough.


start installation

At the time, it seemed like it was a 32-inch monitor that was a bit awkward. It was too heavy after all.


Fix the base and support arm and adjust the height of the lower retaining ring

Fixed on the desktop when watching the effect is not bad

When fixing, pay attention to protect the monitor screen

After installing a large monitor, the next thing is small.

Details of the fixed ring, 32-inch display's weight is the upper limit, the fixed ring deformation is relatively large, it is recommended 27-inch insurance point, the picture is not too much deformation of the piece I put is a 22-inch display

32-inch is already the limit of this display stand, put it up can only guarantee not to fall, basically do not want to lift, that is, to maximize the spring force is directly settling to the end, the bracket can rotate, but not smooth, like not on Squeezing feeling

After I upgraded the EGGER monitor bracket, the bracket was changed by me and the unit was able to use the residual heat. The 22-inch and 19-inch monitors formed a dual screen, and the office space could still be used.

to sum up

Before I heard people say that 80% of the EGGER experience and 30% of EGGER prices would not be the same after you experienced it. You need to add a suffix. That is, the display size must be under 27, because the 32-inch is already the monitor bracket. The limit, put it up can only guarantee not to fall, basically do not want to lift, that is, to maximize the spring force is directly settling in the end, the bracket can rotate, but not smooth, like the feeling of no oil, astringent, 27 inch Still barely able to lift up, it is best to 24-inch and below the display, raising, lowering, rotating and so on without stress, for example, I use the 22-inch and 19-inch display in the office to form a dual screen, you can still use it

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