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Color Box

Produktkategorie von Color Box, wir sind spezialisierte Hersteller aus China, Color Box , Custom Cardboard Boxes Lieferanten / Fabrik, Großhandel hochwertige Produkte von Corrugated Carton Box R & D und Produktion, haben wir die perfekte After-Sales-Service und technische Unterstützung. Freuen Sie sich auf Ihre Mitarbeit!

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China Color Box Lieferanten

Color box

our Color box is use environmentally friendly materials, made of pure wood pulp white cardboard, kraft paper pit, printed on paper surface,waterproof,scratch processing, according to the customer to do all kinds of hot gold, to the various requirements of UV, printing effect. Do products on the human body without any toxic or radiation injury, combined with people's aesthetic pursuit, life convenient, especially the design of the packaging box is suitable for every kind of, the major manufacturers of the product packaging, can effectively protect the good commodity to commodity, dress hats, show the most beautiful most high-end image. The use of light and flexible, convenient transportation, cost saving, safety and practical, easy to carry, environmental protection and energy saving, beautiful and generous! Bring people different visual effects, to protect the goods, add the style!

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